Events at the Wirtschaftclub Düsseldorf involve engaged, relevant audiences, an exclusive atmosphere and innovative event programmes with inspiring keynote speeches. For you as an entrepreneur, they offer you the opportunity to present your brand and products in an entertaining atmosphere and to engage target audiences in person. You will have the opportunity to address these audiences and improve your reach, have direct dialogue with potential customers and promote your own image.

Such decision-makers are often not reached by means of traditional media or online advertising. Event sponsorship is therefore an ideal way for you to present yourself in person to the people that matter to you.

There are many opportunities available to event sponsors, including having a representative of your company at one of our high-profile panel discussions; displaying your logo on one of our numerous event platforms; having a small stand at the event; and profiling your brand through our social media channels.

There is no limit to our creativity and the possibilities are numerous. We will work with you on identifying a target audience as well as the appropriate event for your business needs. We would be delighted to offer you a consultation and to create an initial proposal without any obligation.

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